Massage Therapies

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Experience the magic of flowing strokes using individually tailored pressure providing immediate relief from stress and muscle tension. You will enjoy the benefits of increased circulation and a natural sense of balance to the body.

60 minutes $85.00 / 90 minutes $125.00

Experience an intensive manipulation of superficial to very deep layers of muscles giving relief to recent or chronic muscular tension, pain and stress. Special attention is also given to treating muscle fibers to further help release muscle and joint tension.

60 minutes $95.00 / 90 minutes $125.00

Holistic ancient Native American therapy using heated stones to massage the body and bring forth deep muscular relaxation, boost the immune system, remove toxins and improve circulation. Most find this type of massage as a journey through deep relaxation, stress reduction and a euphoric sense of balance.

60 minutes $105.00 / 90 minutes $145.00

Massage dating back thousands of years to ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures. Specific points of the feet are stimulated to reflect whole-body health issues found in all organs, glands and the body???s digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. This therapy works by restoring energy lines and inducing the body and mind to a greater healing state.

60 minutes $85.00

Enjoy one of the best massage techniques to treat muscular & joint tension and restore functional range of motion and flexibility. Swedish and Thai massages are combined using medium to deep pressure coupled with intensive full body stretches.

60 minutes $95 / 90 minutes 125.00

A Bamboo Massage is typically done with a hollow organically ­treated Bamboo Cane of different lengths and diameters, which is warmed or used at room temperature. This is used to roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well ­being.

90 minutes $145

Everyone is so kind and fun, the place is so clean and lush, we even stayed an extra day.


Facials and Massages are the best

Tony G. and Fred S.

Exceeds expectations, as always!
I travel a lot and stay in many gay resorts. This is one of the best and I share this fact with friends and clients.

Melvin M.

Go above and beyond what you would dare to expect. Beautiful stunning private rooms.
Manicured lush spotlessly clean.

Ismail S.

I have been coming here for years and, each time, the place just keeps getting more beautiful.


The cabanas is the only place we will stay when in Fort Lauderdale. ALWAYS pleased with everything!!

Mark & Joe

Would definitely revisit again. The best clothing optional guesthouse I have ever been too. Staff were first class made me feel very welcome and took a great deal.of time making sure that we were comfortable and relaxed. Breakfast was delicious and the facilities were first class

Steven F.

When people ask where I was staying I always said “The Cabanas. Very quiet. VERY lovely. Two pools. Central to everything.” I’ve even told people back here at home in St. Petersburg about your place.

Craig D.

Staff were first class made me feel very welcome and took a great deal of time making sure that we were comfortable and relaxed.

Steven F.

Gazing up at the stars in the pool framed by palm trees while floating weightless, gentle breezes caressing my naked body. Heaven!

Dan N.