Experience the magic of flowing strokes using individually tailored pressure providing immediate relief from stress and muscle tension. You will enjoy the benefits of increased circulation and a natural sense of balance to the body.

60 minutes $85.00 / 90 minutes $125.00

Experience an intensive manipulation of superficial to very deep layers of muscles giving relief to recent or chronic muscular tension, pain and stress. Special attention is also given to treating muscle fibers to further help release muscle and joint tension.

60 minutes $95.00 / 90 minutes $125.00

Holistic ancient Native American therapy using heated stones to massage the body and bring forth deep muscular relaxation, boost the immune system, remove toxins and improve circulation. Most find this type of massage as a journey through deep relaxation, stress reduction and a euphoric sense of balance.

60 minutes $105.00 / 90 minutes $145.00

60 minutes $85.00